The ACAQB manages 13 amenities throughout the city of Bordeaux (see the attached map).
In addition to these 13 amenities, many of our activities take place in a total of 30 other local infrastructures, including local schools.

11 community centres with a social and cultural ambition

  • Argonne Nansouty Saint-Genès: specializes in urban culture
  • Bacalan
  • Bastide Benauge: specializes in dance
  • Bastide Queyries: specializes in circus arts and performance
  • Bordeaux Lac: specializes in environmental awareness
  • Bordeaux Sud
  • Monséjour: specializes in crafts and fine arts
  • Saint-Michel: specializes in the arts of the spoken word in partnership with the festival “Chahuts”
  • Saint-Pierre: specializes in reading/writing/information and media technologies, partnership with the collective “Court Brouillon”
  • Sarah Bernhardt
  • Grand Parc: games library


  • Climbing wall, cours Barbey
  • Youth Hostel of Bordeaux


  • 28 000 people accommodated yearly (of which 9 000 are members of the association).
  • 400 volunteer workers of whom 170 also belong to the animation committees.
  • 400 employees (going up to more than 500 over the year) of which 280 are on a full-time basis.
  • 400 educational, social, artistic and cultural partners…

ACAQB’s purpose is defined in its statutes, as follows

  • To be an observatory of social reality in local communities.
  • To provide local amenities devoted to social cohesion and the fight against exclusion.
  • To provide places where people can come and go, and express themselves freely; places promoting citizenship, social action and volunteer work benefitting the community.
  • To offer tailor-made and varied services for each neighbourhood.

The association’s founding articles furthermore emphasize that the community centres must be governed by:

“a secular spirit of liberty, generosity, open-mindedness, dialogue, mutual respect, pluralism and impartiality, meaning that we combat on a daily basis any kind of obscurantism, communitarianism, discrimination, exclusion or injustice”.

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