The ACAQB and its partners carry out a vast number of artistic and cultural projects, always with the highest and most professional standards. Our aim is to enable participants of all ages to have access to high quality activities within their local community, and at the same time, to promote exchanges between communities and neighbourhoods through shared projects.

The ACAQB federates a number of Poles of excellence

  • “Le court brouillon” reading club, writing workshop, information and media technologies hub, in Saint Pierre (Bordeaux town centre). Includes a library of 5 000 books, most of which promote a mind-broadening approach to the outside world.
  • Circus arts, Queyries (Bordeaux Bastide)
  • Dance, Benauge (Bordeaux Bastide)
  • Crafts and fine arts, Monséjour (Bordeaux Caudéran)
  • Arts of the spoken word (in partnership with the festival “Chahuts”), Saint-Michel (Bordeaux south)
  • Educational farm and ecological centre, Les Aubiers (Bordeaux Maritime)
  • Games library, Grand Parc (neighbourhood of Bordeaux Chartrons, Grand Parc and Jardin public)

The ACAQB leads and/or takes part in shared projects:

The main ones are :

  • “DEMOS” creation of a children’s orchestra, with the National Opera of Bordeaux.
  • “L’arbre à chansons» with Calame –a children’s choral group.
  • Bordeaux’s “Carnaval des 2 rives” with our partners Musiques de nuit/le Rocher de Palmer and Rock School Barbey.
  • National Games’ day.

The ACAQB works hand in hand with the city council to organise events such as:

  • Europe Day with the European Centre of Bordeaux Aquitaine.
  • The commemoration of the Universal Declaration of Children’s Rights with UNICEF.
  • “CAP Associations” a local organisations and associations fair, held each year in September.

The ACAQB organises festivals:

  • “Queyries fait son cirque” in June (Bordeaux Bastide)
  • Dance festival “Clair de Bastide” in June (Benauge, Bordeaux Bastide)
  • “La semaine du son” ( Sound week), (Saint-Pierre, town centre, Bordeaux)
  • “Un quartier qui bouge” in May/June (Bordeaux South)
  • “Bacalafiesta”, in July (Bacalan, Bordeaux maritime)
  • “La fête à Monséjour” in June. (Bordeaux Caudéran)
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