For the ACAQB, the concept of social ties is defined as the “feeling of belonging to the same world, sharing the same references, values and heritage”. UNESCO characterizes cultural diversity as “a broader definition of culture which, in addition to the arts and literature, encompasses the ways of life, value systems, traditions, beliefs and ways of living together shared by a society”. The ACAQB holds that cultural diversity is inseparable from a set of shared values. How can we ensure that people of different cultural backgrounds live together in harmony whilst supporting creative diversity? UNESCO encourages us to reflect upon the ethics of cultural diversity. How can values, principles, encounters, projects and actions allow each individual to recognize him/herself in a shared vision of humanity?

Decentralised cooperation between Oran and Bordeaux

Since 2008, the ACAQB and the Algerian Association Health Sidi El Houari (SDH) in Oran have developed training projects specializing in socio-cultural activities and associative life with young adults, for young adults and by young adults.

Encouraging volunteer work, commitment and the exercise of citizenship by enabling local people to take part in the sociocultural development of their surroundings, with the final goal of empowering local communities; such is our philosophy.

To learn from one’s neighbour in a spirit of openness, respect, hospitality and shared societal responsibility in order to create a fulfilling and just sociocultural environment; these are the values that guide our projects and action.

Our partners are: Bordeaux’s City Council, the Popular communal assembly of Oran, the Wilaya of Oran, the department of “Social careers” of the IUT Michel Montaigne, the Department of Sociology of the University of Oran, Cap cooperation, the program “Joussour” of the French Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs and the French committee of international solidarity (CFSI).

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