places open to all, where one can find a welcoming smile and a friendly ear.

You are welcome!” That is how we wish every person crossing the threshold of a community centre to feel.

This first greeting is primordial as it gives an impression of who we are and what we do.

The process of exchanging ideas, speaking of one’s own experience, listening to what other people have to say and voicing one’s wishes, concerns or questions is the first step in the achievement of successful individual or collective projects…

The weaving of a strong social fabric requires a space that everyone can relate to and, ultimately, recognize and respect.

From childhood and upwards, people can discover and take part in a vast choice of activities, be they educational, cultural, simply enjoyable – or all three at once!

We also offer an informal youth service for those aged between 12 and 25.

Our aims here are simple: we want teenagers and young adults to feel they have access to a space where they can come and go freely, regroup, share common interests and take part in a wide range of opportunities.

It is our duty to offer them an attentive and sympathetic ear, to be impartial and non-judgemental as they embark on adulthood.

Indeed, it is crucial for the coherence of society as a whole that the different generations learn to know and respect each other.

Socio-cultural activities for adults and families.

The community centres aim to be what their name tells us they are: centres at the heart of the community, i.e. meeting places, open for events and gatherings.

Within them, people participate in the improvement of their daily lives, gain access to education as well as cultural and artistic expression. Neighbours meet, and learn to know and trust one another, solidarity is reinforced, societal issues are discussed and dealt with, and exclusion and social injustice recede.

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