400 people in governance and in the field

Joining an association is a commitment that can be tailored to each and every one of us.

Whether one feels the need to take part in something bigger than his or herself, to be useful to his/her community, to learn about other cultures and open one’s horizon, to meet new people, to be part of a team and do volunteer work (“volunteer” coming from the Latin “velle”, meaning “will”), or simply to add a line to their resume, many are the reasons which incite people to join an organisation with a specific project.

This desire –to take part in a project and to move forward with other people, to make things change, to ensure one’s own voice is heard and to have a part to play in a microcosm– can be a powerful drive to get things done.

Not only that, but the microcosm of the association constitutes a role model for the wider context of the macrocosm, i.e. society at large, and empowers individuals to promote their ideas within their community.

Whether in governance or in the field, 400 people work for us on a volunteer basis.

The governance of ACAQB

The General assembly brings together the members of the Board of Governors and the Animation Committees, as well as many of our partners (300 people).

The executive committee and the Board of governors

The Board is composed of 32 members, heads of the animation committees, elected representatives, partners and 5 minors, of which 2 hold an advisory status.

The animation committees

The 11 animation committees are the major pillars of voluntary commitment at work in each community centre. They enable members to voice their experiences, their expectations and their suggestions as citizens invested in a participative form of democracy. They bring together members of our association, institutional partners and local associations. “The animation committees submit proposals to the Board of governors. They examine in detail each project that may have an impact on the general life of the centres, and then decide for or against them”.

The community centres’ youth groups

The youth groups are local entities that embody a sense of learning to live together through commitment and citizenship. This project is set in a long term context and aims at giving young people the time to invent their own form of commitment within the association, their centre and their community. 5 young people sit on the Board of governors. The number and the quality of the actions carried out in recent years illustrate the commitment of 30 or so young people aged from 12 to 17 from different neighbourhoods, and of their willingness to be active members of their community. Solidarity is the governing principle of their work. The young people display motivation, altruism and generosity. The group specializes in the organization of events where young people can get together and exchange ideas; solidarity meals, weekends, games for Europe day, dance nights… The experience is spreading, and soon each community centre will have its own youth group. The youth groups of different neighbourhoods meet up and organize collective actions.

Becoming a member of the ACAQB

The membership card can be taken out in any of the 11 community centres. It is valid one year, from September 1st to the 31th of August of the following year. The card holder can frequent all the community centres and benefit from all the activities proposed, and can also take part in the animation committees.

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